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lisa pelonzi sunrise of the day series

Lisa Pelonzi on the creation of the 366 Sunrise Series ~

“After grief and personal tragedy, I had lost my sense of purpose and joy. A friend challenged me to make a new photograph every day during 2016. After a few weeks I found myself arriving at a beach every morning at dawn for my daily photo . . . and my sunrise series was born. At the beach I rediscovered my purpose, my passion, and true alignment to the heart of my soul.”

Lisa’s work has been described as mystical and ethereal. Through her daily Facebook post people from all over have contacted her about her images and insights.

“Early in the series, even during bitter cold, clouds and rain, I discovered beauty and personal insights. Several mornings a beach I had not planned to go to popped into my head. When I followed that instinct, some amazing images were revealed. Images that transcend logic, such as a child’s face in the clouds, a seagull within an orb of light, or an island that resembles a face looking up to the sky. Getting up to witness and photograph sunrise became my way of life. Often standing in the water, I love clicking the shutter as the waves surround me; I feel part of the energy of the image.

Pre dawn light is a favorite time to photograph. Some mornings the clouds bloom into a fantastic show of light and color. It’s like a spiritual experience. On a grey day, the challenge is to create an image that is artistic or has meaning. My favorite grey day was February 8th what would have been my grandmother’s 100th birthday. The image is of 2 rocks, surrounded by swirling waves. The rocks represent my grandmother and myself and although not the gorgeous sunrise I hoped to create, it has sweet personal meaning and is one of my favorites of the year

All images were photographed with the technically excellent Nikon D 810 and the following lenses. Nikon 14-24 mm f 2.8 Nikon 17-35 f 2.8 mm Nikon 24-70 mm f 2.8, Nikon 70-200mm. f 2.8 “ I love the image quality and dynamic range I can achieve with my Nikon System. I wanted medium format quality and the D810 gives that to me. The equipment has proved to be very durable for my daily beach shoots. Early in the year, the wind took the camera and tripod down lens first. After cleaning, the camera and lens are both fine! “
Lisa Pelonzi is a part time neonatal nurse and professional photographer. She is married with 2 sons Jonathan and Ben and her fur baby Charli. Currently living in Danvers, Lisa continues to travel daily to different beaches along the North Shore for sunrise.

A book of her 366 Sunrise project images and all the stories behind them is scheduled for March 2017.
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