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Now, it's your turn to shine.

A personal discovery of who you are and who you came here to be. It is recommended we do a discovery call to be sure it's the right fit for both of us. You will learn to apply simple to implement grounded principals for your best life.  It's simple but not easy.  You will learn how to unlearn those behaviors that are keeping you stuck and free your inner light to shine.   As a seeker of truth all my life, these were the courses I was waiting for. Life Design is Life Changing! 

If you choose to begin this course you are committing to a high level of self discovery and what you will walk away with is an inner peace and purpose you never thought possible. 

Currently on waitlist, this 4 month online course can be done on an individual basis or group setting.  You will come away with a deeper understanding of life and how to live your best life.

Life Design 

Lisa Pelonzi and Holly Henshaw 

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Certified trainer for Mike Dooley's Infinite possibilities. The art of changing your life.
This 6 -week online zoom course  teaches the principles of unlimited potential, manifestation, and how our thoughts become things. A joy filled class with like minded individuals>  Join us and see how quickly a positive change can happen in your life!

Infinite Possibilities


 download and import to LR 

Lightroom (LR) for new and established photographers

create folders and categories for your images. (no more missing files)



The lightroom program for photographers is taught individually and in groups.
LR a super powerful and easy to learn program that I love to teach! I have been using LR since it's first launch ! It's simple, easy and fun! You will love it!

You will learn how to:

quickly and beautifully edit your files


prepare images for social media and printing


YES, I'M in!


A book of sunrise and stories from the past six years of being witness to sunrise! 

"Whispers of  Spirit"


A beautiful deck of sunrise cards with inspirational sayings that will inspire and add joy to your day! 

"Journey to the Sun"

To view my Sunrise Series, click  here

I'm Lisa, your new educator.

AS a NICU nurse and professional photographer my days were becoming overly scheduled.  I wore that frantic life like a badge of honor. Until I realized that pace was not sustainable.  In 2015 I  quietly crashed and broke into a million pieces.  I no longer wanted to live this way, so I  became a workshop warrior!  Soaking up all the knowledge I could  of metaphysics, spirituality, and living in the moment.  I listened to my inner whispers and followed my souls desires.  I want everyone to know how to listen to their whispers. Let me share my secrets to hear your souls calling.  It's only a breath away ~  

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